Spire View, our home in Lacock Postcard

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Spire View, our home in Lacock

Spire View, our home in Lacock, United Kingdom

We rented Spire View while we were in Lacock and it is within walking distance of the village although there are no sidewalks so we didn't walk since we could park easily at the National Trust parking lot in town. Yes, that is a swimming pool although it was cold enough we did not use it. It is a lovely little house in a great situation. Our only complaint was that the kitchen was downstairs and the eating area was upstairs. There were no chairs on the ground floor so you did carry everything upstairs to eat. On the other hand, it was spotless and very comfortable; the location was perfect and the landlady was very friendly and helpful. You could, in fact, see the spire of St. Cyriac's Church in Lacock from the upstairs windows.

Photo by Beausoleil