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shen tong

shen tong, China

Born in Beijing in the year 1968, Shen Tong studied at Peking University. Shen Tong moved to New York in the year 2000 with intentions of focusing exclusively on business in order to make an impact. Shen Tong started Food-X and FoodFutureCo in New York where he has plenty of known commercial investments that have an impact. Shen Tong has also been serving on the board of Food Tank since 2015 Besides being a big-time film buff, Shen Tong is also a writer, entrepreneur, angel investor as well as a foodie. Shen Tong is also the founder of Vfinity which develops software tools for web applications, media distribution etc. Shen Tong is extremely popular for his promotion of ‘context media’ essentially because of his speech at a supersession of National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. In the 90’s he began with media-related businesses which include TV production and B&B media production. Shen Tong is a lead investor who provides senior management in investment in bookstore and publishing in Beijing. B&B Media has produced and created various programmes which have been highly circulated and acclaimed. In the year 1989, Shen Tong co-chaired a committee designed to form a dialogue concerning the Chinese pro-democracy movement. Shen Tong organised the democracy movement in 1989 that occupied Tiananmen Square while he was at Beijing University. Shen Tong studied biology at Brandies University on a Wien Scholarship. Shen Tong has worked as an actor, producer and film festival sponsor in the television industry. Shen Tong starred in a movie called ‘Out of Exile’ with co-star Sharif Atkins in 2000. Shen Tong also co-starred with actress Hu Zongwen in a movie which received the 6th Fei Tian National Award in 1986. Shen Tong also co-authored a book called Álmost A Revolution' published in 1990 which is a memoir of his life growing up in China and his experiences at the Tiananmen Square democracy movement. He carried on a diverse writing career with political commentary, scholarly essays, film critics, literary prose, and movie scripts in English and in Chinese, including publications in China under the pseudonym Rong Di. Shen Tong holds an honorary PhD Shen Tong also the found an NGO focussing on higher education and culture. Links Connected To Shen Tong : Shen Tong : Shen Tong : Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong: Shen Tong:

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