Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis - Dome Postcard

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Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis - Dome

Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis - Dome, France

Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis is a church on rue Saint-Antoine in the Marais. The present building was constructed from 1627 to 1641 by the Jesuit architects Étienne Martellange and François Derand, on the orders of Louis XIII of France. The Saint Paul Metro station is named after the church. Two clam-shell holy water holders were a gift from Victor Hugo when his daughter was married there. Delacroix painted "Christ in agony on the Mount of Olives" for the church which can be seen to the left of the altar. The church's grand tribune organ was classified as a historic monument in 1867 and was restored in 1972.

Photo by Beausoleil