Stained Glass at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris Postcard

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Stained Glass at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris

Stained Glass at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France

One of the absolute must-see sights in Paris, Sainte-Chapelle is no longer a functioning chapel but is visited for it's stained glass windows. Arranged across 15 windows, each 15 meters high, the stained glass panes depict 1,113 scenes from the Old and New Testaments recounting the history of the world until the arrival of the Crown of Thorns and other religious relics in Paris. The relics are no longer housed in Sainte-Chapelle having been moved to Notre Dame and now stored because of the Notre Dame fire. There are two different chapels, the lower chapel, originally dedicated to the the officers, and the upper chapel, dedicated to the king and his family. Both are amazing and utterly beautiful but the stained glass in the upper chapel is what you want to be sure to see.

Photo by Beausoleil