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Anti static mat

Anti static mat

Purchase your 2 or 3 Layer anti static mat in custom sizes. Our ESD Mat is available in full rolls. ESD Bench Mat available in Smooth or Textured finish. When it comes to finding top quality ESD products, look no further than our team at Anti-Static ESD. As purveyors of the finest quality ESD stock in Europe, we take our role as one of the leading suppliers of quality static control products incredibly seriously. It is this dedication and professionalism that makes us one of the best choices around for all of your anti static products needs. Web: #antistaticmat #esdmat #antistaticbag #ESDClothing #esdflooring #antistaticfloortiles #esdfloortiles #esdchair #esdworkbench #esdbench #staticshieldingbags

Photo by williamoliver72