St Sava's and Black George's Statue Postcard

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St Sava's and Black George's Statue

St Sava's and Black George's Statue, Serbia

On more picture of this magnificent temple. For centuries it was planned to build such a large scale cathedral but Turkish authorities did not seem to agree with it, prefering building moscoes instead; in 19th century a small church dedicated to this saint has been built and the plans for a bigger one have become reality, especially after aquiring independence. First stone, believe it or not, was laid in 1905, which means that it took an entire century to build it (?!), since the situation in the country throughout the century prefered agnosticism than religion. During the 1980s the works continued, the external part has been completed in 2004, right in time to mark the 200th anniversary of the First Serbian National Uprising (from 1804.), that eventually made the country independent again, thanks to Duke Karadjordje (Black George, who's monument stands in front of the cathedral)

Photo by neron