Patriarchate of Pec, Kosovo Postcard

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Patriarchate of Pec, Kosovo

Patriarchate of Pec, Kosovo, Serbia

UNESCO protected spiritual seat of the Old Serbian Kingdom and Empire, this complex contains from 4 churches built between 13th and 14th centuries. After the empire collapsed, muslims have started to settle in the area, while Christians began leaving Kosovo, fearing revenge and repression. The peak of the repression were the last decades of the 16th centuries, when this Patriarchate has been abolshed as well as freedom of religion in Serbia, resulting in the Serbian rebellion of 1595. That year the bones of the most influential Serbian saint, St Sava, have been publicly desacrated (after 350 years), and burned. That is when Serbian migrations to the North and West became a reality, ending in 1691 and 1739, when Orthodox Christians were publicly invited to settle in Austria by Emperor Leopold. That is also the reason why Serbian nation is so scattered all across Western Balkans and into Central Europe (St Andrea, Budapest).

Photo by neron