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Festivals of Bhutan

Festivals of Bhutan, Bhutan

The festivals in Bhutan showcase its living culture and also give an insight into how significant it is to the Bhutanese people and their distinct way of life. These festivals are popularly known as Tsechus and are organized in the honor of Guru Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism into this country in the 8th century. The event is marked by colorful and well choreographed mask dances depicting various facets of the Buddhist teachings. Tshechus are also an occasion of social gathering for the Bhutanese families. The people come dressed in their finest for the very special occasion. Women wear their most beautiful jewelry, families pack their best food for lunch, men and women joke and exchange tales, and children crane their necks to catch a sight of the day-long dances. Every district organizes these festivals as an annual traditional event.

Photo by Drukyul