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The Famous Korhogo Fabrics - askgudmundsen

Kong Mosque - askgudmundsen

Entrance: The Foundation of Peace - askgudmundsen

The Towering Basilique Notre-Dame de la Paix - askgudmundsen

Yamoussoukro's Grande Mosquée - askgudmundsen

"The Basilica in the Bush" - askgudmundsen

Inside the Basilica's Dome - askgudmundsen

Colourful Windows - askgudmundsen

Man's Market - askgudmundsen

The Cascade - askgudmundsen

Ivorian Carpenter - askgudmundsen

Heading into Taï NP - askgudmundsen

Villagers at the river, Man - JanieBtravels

Alphabet hairstyle, Man - JanieBtravels

Plantian sellers - JanieBtravels

Masked dancer, Odienne - JanieBtravels

Yamoussoukro - helihigl

A village near Yamoussoukro - DAOonVT

IMG_1286 - DAOonVT

Grand Mosque, Yamoussoukro - DAOonVT
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