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Indri close up, Mitsinjo Park - hammarn

Parsons Chameleon - hammarn

Radiated Tortoise in Madagascar - Tony.Ruby

Chameleon keeping his eye on things - Tony.Ruby

Curious Coquerel's Sifaka - Tony.Ruby

Beware - Tony.Ruby

Tiny Madagascar Chameleon - Tony.Ruby

Colorful Chameleon - Tony.Ruby

Chameleon - Tony.Ruby

Curious Coquerel's Sifaka - Tony.Ruby

Madagascar Greenery - Tony.Ruby

Regal Ring-Tailed Lemur in Madagascar - Tony.Ruby

Stunning Andilana - Tony.Ruby

P1780548 - berner256

Chameleon - 2 - berner256

Parson's Chameleons - christian6

Sunrise - svetulka

Sunrise - svetulka

River Transport on the Tsiribihina - Bob Brink

Antananarivo Market - Bob Brink