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Djenné on market day - alsalis

Dogon Toguna in Dourou - alsalis

Nomburi, mali - alsalis

Dogon Male Granary - alsalis

Dogon Drummers - alsalis

Village elder - alsalis

Tellem & Dogon villages - alsalis

The start of the Sahara - alsalis

Tuaregs in the Sahara - alsalis

Bandiagara Escarpment - alsalis

Salt Caravan - alsalis

Sunset at Segou - alsalis

Rush Hour in Mopti - alsalis

Moonrise over Timbuktu - alsalis

Sunset on Lake Debo - Luis M

The Niger River - Luis M

Fullani women - Luis M

Sahara - Luis M

Sunrise in Djenné - Luis M

The Dogons - Luis M
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