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Tour Day 12 - Loo with a view - netandmatt

Les rives du Khovsgol lake - petralex

Amarbayarsgalant Monastery - petralex

Sunrise at Gandan Monastery - mohn

Paysage Mongole - Fionantoine

Notre Yourte - Fionantoine

Cheveaux sauvage - Fionantoine

Genghis Khan - En Mongole : Chintchis Han - Fionantoine

UB from USSR memorial - askgudmundsen

Gobi Desert - askgudmundsen

The valley from above - askgudmundsen

Mini ovoo - askgudmundsen

Passed a sheep giving birth - askgudmundsen

Wrestler statue (?) - askgudmundsen

Doorway to a Temple - dinah1

Resting Camels - dinah1

Young Jockeys at the Naadam Festival - dinah1

Yak Polo - sarah.crooke

Dueling Horses - beyondthe

Gobi Ger - beyondthe