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Palmyra Temple - brain

Al Bara - krissy

Elahbel Tower - krissy

Citadel, Aleppo - bex76

Harran - Ilyas

Mezquita de Damasco - Ximenasan

Apamea at Sunset - jenofear

Ancient ruins at Palmyra - Utrecht

Palmyra - Utrecht

Inside St George Monastary - jenofear

Citadel of Aleppo - Nomadics

Aleppo - Nomadics

Hitching through the Desert - Nomadics

Inside the Cisterns of Rasafa - Nomadics

Palmyra - Nomadics

Damascene Souq - Nomadics

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus - Nomadics

Camel riders at the Tetrapylon - rd wrld1yr

Umayyad Mosque - JacChalky

In the Souq - JacChalky
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