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Student statues - Makini

Mighty hand of Buddha - Makini

Temple Area - Makini

Laundry out to dry - Makini

510 steps to the Monastery - jennrob

The Monastery at the end of the road - jennrob

Who's giving who a bath? - jennrob

Children of the Lisu tribe - jennrob

The Big Tree - sam.m.

Temple Supporter at Wat Phra Kaeo - jennrob

Sukhothai - Wat Mahathat - sam.m.

munk - valdek2

Wat Phra Kaew - Marky_P

longtail harbour - calumfife

Bangkok at night - long exposure, panoramic view - schweboo

Longtail delivery - Good2Go

4SGT Elephant eye - lloydthyen

F1030020 - kymar1

IMG_6044 - kymar1

Grand Palace - BlondePhiloSoph
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