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Windmills - galka_mak

Kiev center - galka_mak

Pirigovo museum - galka_mak

St.Sophia Cathedral - galka_mak

St.Andrew's Church in Kiev - galka_mak

Opera theater - galka_mak

Kiev - galka_mak

St.Sophia Cathedral - galka_mak

Ladas in the Rynok, Lviv - SEINGRU

Statue of Diana - SEINGRU

Outside the Armenian cathedral in Lviv - SEINGRU

Mountain Foros Church near Yalta - SevGS

Sevastopol - SevGS

Cave City - al-kahf

kiev; independence square - ersa

odessa - cantarella

St. Michael's Golden Domed Cathedral - Zirocco

Ukraine - maxxxman

Kiev - Deboraaah

Baza Balaklawa - trp