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Wooden Ukrain eggs - IvaS

St Michael's Cathedral of the Golden Domes - IvaS

Ukraine folk towels (rushniky) - IvaS

Rynok Square from town hall tower - IvaS

Rynok Square tram - IvaS

Crimea-Bakhchisarai-palace (15) - Rika884

P21600491 - pro-mile

Odessa - o.les

P1160447 - berner256

P1160518 - berner256

P1160547 - berner256

Gas masks - Tabithag

Memorial to those who saved the world - Tabithag

Pripyat propaganda posters that never made it to the march - Tabithag

Abandoned House in Kopachi - Tabithag

The monument to Artem_3 - Vic_IV

Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress - Vic_IV

Approaching Khotyn Castle_2 - Vic_IV

Khotyn Castle_a wet spot on the wall_3 - Vic_IV

St.Alexander Nevsky Church_1 - Vic_IV