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31 samarkand - Paul Drayton

Sunset in Khiva. - alexchan

Sunset in Khiva. - alexchan

Khudoyar Khan Palace. - alexchan

Tilla Kari Maddrasah, completed in 1660, is famous for its golden interior in its mosque. Looking up at the ceiling painted to look like a dome. - alexchan

B36E03B0-B1C8-4981-A898-D7FE2A045383 - Jimpat

Ichan Qala - Bob Brink

Outside the walls, Khiva - ToonSarah

Bukhara by night - ToonSarah

Inside the Ishmail Somani Mausoleum - ToonSarah

Bukhara Ark - ToonSarah

Looking out from the Kalon Mosque - ToonSarah

Locals at the Shah-i-Zinda - ToonSarah

Detail of tile-work, Gur Emir - ToonSarah

Inside the Gur Emir - ToonSarah

Inside the dome of the Gur Emir - ToonSarah

Great dome of the Bibi Khanum northern mosque - ToonSarah

In Samarkand Bazaar - ToonSarah

Fresh fruit - Hawkson

Gateway to Khiva - Hawkson