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Archipielago de Los Roques - aniel

Archipielago de Los Roques - aniel

The 'Angostura Bridge' over the Orinoco River. In front of Ciudad Bolivar, Estado Bolivar - cabezas

Green bus at Playa Colorada - snatterand

He kept saying ¡Hola! - snatterand

Rainforest plants - snatterand

Las Bonitas - snatterand

Yellow tree by Angel Falls - snatterand

Sunrise at Angel Falls - snatterand

Morning mist - on our way back to Canaima - snatterand

Canaima Lagoon - snatterand

Salto Sapo - Canaima - snatterand

Por Puesto in Cumaná - snatterand

Bananas in Rio Caribe - snatterand

Fish market in Rio Caribe - snatterand

Boat on the road - Rio Caribe - snatterand

Playa Pui Puy - sunset - snatterand

Gulliver - Santa Fe - snatterand

Man at the market - Caripe - snatterand

Cueva de guácharos - Caripe - snatterand