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Afghanistan - robsie

Afghan scenery 1 - millerj06

Blue Mosque Mazar - e - Sharif - nijethorpe

Afghan fields after the summer harvest - zandara

home away - Philsef

afghan motorcycle man - ErinDriver

The Window Seat - the_goat

Transparent Poverty - the_goat

Typical Taxi Ride Here... - askgudmundsen

Gazar Gah - askgudmundsen

Herat's Friday Mosque - askgudmundsen

Sultan Hamidy, Glassmaker - askgudmundsen

Glassmaking - askgudmundsen

Food Stall at the Minarets - askgudmundsen

The Last Four Baiqala Minarets - askgudmundsen

Citadel Tower - askgudmundsen

Herat Citadel - askgudmundsen