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Two rivers affluxes temple - wang_6834

Leads a pious life person - wang_6834

The Bhutanese soldiers dance - wang_6834

In fog imperial palace - wang_6834

Prays wheel - wang_6834

The Bhutanese clergy - wang_6834

Bhutan's child buddhist priest - wang_6834

Bhutan's traditional technique - wang_6834

Tiger nest - wang_6834

dancer - caroline59

Old lady in Bumthang - tarmo

Masked dancer at Bumthang Festival - tarmo

Masked dancers in Bumthang - tarmo

Fool in Bumthang Tsechu - tarmo

Taktsang - BTA

Prayer wheels at the temple outside Punakha Dzong - rsherry

Thimphu's Major Intersection - rsherry

Colors of Prayer Flags - rsherry

Archer in Paro - mgivel

Old Man - rsherry
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