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The Bride - burim

Old Lady from Kosova - burim

tirana - samir

Sufi XII - burim

In the Kosova Mountains - samir

Yahoo! fastfood - dyakhnov

Sufi X 011 - burim

Skanderbeg and his crew - djrkidd

The Town of Kruja - djrkidd

Fruit Market - Jibaro

Clothe Line - Jibaro

Korca City Albania - Koral

Pink Porky - dyakhnov

Albanian Mural, Tirana - bobrk607

Room Addition - bobrk607

Mother Teresa Statue - bobrk607

Reps Commune - bobrk607

DSC_5785 - dpteitel

Modern architecture, Tirana - Utrecht

Rozafa Castle in Shkodra - Utrecht
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