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her's an exemple of the famous( couloirs des neiges) - bluseter

eastern view of tigounatine - bluseter

a view of throats of oasis of el kentra - bluseter

napoléon bridg - bluseter

Sahara - Rinzi

camels festival - djanet

IMG_3525 - skyewilson

IMG_3608b - skyewilson

IMG_3704 - skyewilson

IMG_3750 - skyewilson

Nomadic Tuareg camel herder - skyewilson

IMG_3914 - skyewilson

IMG_3986 - skyewilson

IMG_4057 - skyewilson

IMG_4061 - skyewilson

Habib, Tuareg cook extraordinaire - skyewilson

IMG_4104 - skyewilson

IMG_4109 - skyewilson

Campfire Tuareg Style - skyewilson

IMG_4702 - skyewilson
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