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Abu Simbol - Barney

Giza - mariogil

mangelo_road.jpg - migueleloi

mangelo_pyramid.jpg - migueleloi

mangelo_night.jpg - migueleloi

Cairo - capisco

Desert Town near Siwa - Rraven

Traffic Jam on the Nile - Rraven

FerryBoat @ Sunset on the Nile - Rraven

Desert Sunrise near Siwa - Rraven

A break from Driving - Rraven

Karnak temple - wian

Dahab Sunset Nov 2004 - Rraven

A relaxing spring near Siwa - Rraven

Dahab at dusk - Rraven

Egytian writing at Edfu - Rraven

Lotus column at Karnak Temple - MattXIII

Giza Pyramids - porz

Oldest fresco - galka_mak

Souvenirs from Egypt - galka_mak
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