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Rock Hewn Church in Lalibela - baluba

10th century Ethiopian Bible - Ivory

Blue Nile Falls, Bahir Dar - Ivory

St. George's, Lalibela - Ivory

Goat skin bible - jaredlking

Fasiladas Palace - jaredlking

Fasilada's Baths - jaredlking

A troop of gelada baboons - jaredlking

Waterfall! - baluba

Coffee - kiwilara

Grinding at the side of the road - driving north in Ethiopia. - kiwilara

Papyrus Boats - kiwilara

Baskets - kiwilara

Langano - kiwilara

Papyrus Boats - kiwilara

Necishar National Park - Rinzi

Angels - kiwilara

Selling chat - kiwilara

Donkeys in the mist - kiwilara

Ertale Volcano - kiwilara
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