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Bomba de Gasolina em Farim - LIFAU

P1120090 - berner256

Green Sea Turtle tracks - berner256

P1110921 - berner256

Green Sea Turtles emerging from nest - berner256

P1120060 - berner256

P1120064 - berner256

P1120080 - berner256

P1110593 - berner256

P1110604 - berner256

P1110698 - berner256

P1110717 - berner256

P1110787 - berner256

Ruined Town Hall - askgudmundsen

The Airport Road - askgudmundsen

Igreja Católica - askgudmundsen

Bissau's Main Street - askgudmundsen

Bafata's Old Covered Market - askgudmundsen

Igreja Católica de Bafatà - askgudmundsen

Amílcar Cabral Mural - askgudmundsen
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