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frozen anchor winch - DrPaul

George Ice Station - DrPaul

George sea ice 3 - DrPaul

Electric sunset - DrPaul

glowing glacier - DrPaul

blooded seals - DrPaul

gullet 1 - DrPaul

volcanic stuff - DrPaul

waves over stern - DrPaul

Penguin Rock... as we called it - Taffski

Humpbacks welcome us to Antarctica - Taffski

Rougher Seas - Taffski

Gentoo in Antarctica - Taffski

Europa - Taffski

Antarctica - Taffski

Passing an Ice Berg - Taffski

A Kings Welcome - Taffski

King Penguins in South Georgia - Taffski

Even More King Penguins - Taffski

Towards Stromness Bay - Taffski