AUSTRIA_Rust - The stork and the heron by vanessa Star this if you like it!

Once upon a time, in little Austrian town on the lake shore, single and handsome Stork met white and elegant Heron. Lonely Heron (so Stork thought). Stork cast interested glances, he opened and closed its wings and made signs - all in vain. Heron staid cold. Then Stork came closer and started a promo-conversation about the weather and coming fall, but she showed him her slim back and continued her slow walk - as if he was an empty place! Stork used all the tricks to attract her: he was delicate, tender, agressive, fun, spontaneous, intelligent and pateticaly sad. Nothng worked! And then ... Stork's wife appeared, and she took a stork back to the nest.

Rust , Austria


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