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  • 2007


Ardy 17y

We will fly into Delhi and probably stay heavily in the north, we don't do to well with humidity so will only head down south to Goa near the end of the trip... though it will be the hottest part of the season. I am flying into Tokyo after that for my new job. So I am wondering, what is the shopping in Delhi like... I will need to get new clothes, hair cut and the like.

cool! 2 months is perfect. i was there only for 3 weeks and we had to rush like crazy with everything. i've only been to the north of india. where r u planning on going?

Ardy 17y

Haha thats funny. I travel to India at the beginning of next year for a two month backpack trip, both excited and terrified.

LOL! never thought about it this way;)!
have 2 disappoint u though, it's the Indian telecom-booth

i have one more pic from that same category: a sign which said ''camera and flesh repair'' :)

Ardy 17y

I am also curious about that sign in the background that heads 'STD'

...anything is possible in India!... ;)

Ardy 17y

Haha...made OF children or FOR children?

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