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The Nevado Tres Cruces National Park is to an approximated distance of the Copiapo City of 160 km. Has a surface of 59,081 há. This divided in two sectors. The Nº1: South end of the Maricunga's Salar, Santa Rosa Lagoon and course of the Lamas River, has a 46,944.50 surface of hectares. The Nº2 sector: The Negro Francisco Lagoon and the mouth of the Astaburuaga River, a 12,136.50 surface of hectares and accedes to the Park through the Way the International, that goes from Copiapó by the Quebrada Paipote to La Puerta and from there to the Portezuelo de Santa Rosa, arriving this way at the sector Santa Rosa Lagoon. In order to arrive to the Negro Francisco Lagoon the same route is followed, but it is continued until the southwestern end of the Maricunga's Salar, following the way that goes by the Wide Valley, towards the gorge of the Astaburuaga River and by this one towards the Negro Francisco Lagoon. The dominant climate is Desert Marginal of Height, characterized by a little relative humidity and great thermal amplitude. Geomorphology this zone is interesting, because it is located in a prealtiplanica zone with mountains units that present/display heights by on the 5,000 meters on the level of the sea, being the most important Ojos del Salado Volcano (6893 meters of height).


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