Everglades, Old Man of the... Swamp by zmey Star this if you like it!

He looks quite ferocious and dangerous, doesn't he? Actually, this, supposedly at least 50 year old, alligator has lost both of his eyes in fights against peers and now he is quite helpless, at least, as far as humans in boats are concerned. I remember seeing this alligator first years ago. Then, he still had one eye but life must have been rough since. I was not expecting to ever meet the old fellow again, but our airboat ran right into him as soon as we got into the grassy part of Everglades. The boat captain would endearingly call the gator "Old Man" and try to persuade him to get out of the boat's way (which, after some haggling, he unwillingly did). Anyway, I hope to meet him again the next time I visit Everglades. Good hunting until then, Old Man!


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