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Every time I go to my hometown, Cali, Colombia, and see "Cristo Rey", the 45 meters monument similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro, I feel like my city is receiving me with open arms. The monument is seen by the whole city since it is placed on the top of one of our huge mountains. At night, the monument is gorgeous because it is covered with thousands of lights, and as one can't see the mountain because of the darkness, the monument looks like if it is hanging from the sky. It's beautiful! A great attraction in Cali. We also have another huge monument, "Las Tres Cruces" (The Three Crosses). It is said that the Three Crosses were built in 1937, in order to protect the city from the devil, who according to the locals, one day appeared on the mountain and cursed the city. As a way of protection, a priest hired an arquithect and made him to build the Thre Crosses to enclosed the devil on the mountain and protect the city from its course.


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