Torture cell at Tuol Sleng, former Khmer Rouge S-21 Prison. by Tracy Woo Star this if you like it!

Established in May 1976, this former school became the primary security institution, specifically designed for the interrogation and extermination of anybody perceived to be ‘anti-Angkar’ (anti-state, or government). The conditions were appalling and the details of torture procedures hideous; entire families were exterminated simply because of their relationship to individual prisoners. The majority of guards were children aged between 10 to 15 years old, many of whom subsequently became victims. Originally a high school called Ponhea Yat, during its time as S-21 to 1978, it is estimated that 10,500 prisoners plus 2,000 children were killed by the KR regime at Tuol Sleng.

Khsach Kandal , Cambodia


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