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Are they clearner than us ! (Part 3) HERE, you can see the ADVANCED model in cleaning. I managed to see this advanced kind in just two places in Istanbul, and one place in small rich town in Germany. In this new system, not only it has an ADJUSTABLE metal nozzle, but the plastic COVER SEAT it changes by pressing that red button on the side of toilet. So here not only you can use the water in the right area, but also it prevents you NOT to take any VDs from the surface of toilet seat. So here not only we could save loads of toilet paper rolls and trees over years , but also prevent you to take any harmful germs from the previous occupier. If you are interested in viewing the evolution of this kind of toilets, then you could check the following links:


Peter 16y

So it saves on paper and instead uses hideous amounts of plastic (probably of the non-biodegradeable sort). Saving resources is not a strong point for this device.

Btw, devices like this are very common in Japan (even more advanced ones actually).

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