I think this is a giant stick insect, do you know better ? by talismanic Star this if you like it!

  • 1 August 2011

Kham Yai , Thailand


I saw some students bending down looking at something on the ground yesterday and I went over to take a look knowing that they would only bother to examine something unusual. It turned out to be an unusual kind of lizard which seemed not to have scales and looked naked in the way a cat might without fur. It was rigid with fright I think because, at first, it seemed dead before scuttling off. It was by its nest, a small circular hole in the peat-like soil, in which there were about five white eggs. This time I did have my camera and I'll post the picture when I update the blog next week.

Wow, it certainly looks like a giant stick insect! Pity you didn't have your camera for the enormous moth.

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