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Mud hut dwelling in desert village


Thank you, have since gone for nearest larger place which is Jaisalmer BUT the village is called Khuri. I have also written in my diary Khuri Sand dunes (edge of Great Thar Desert).

Peter 12y

Sounds like the geocoder is stuffing up. You can use the "Use map to find Location" link next to the location field to move the pin to an exact spot if you like. Just ignore whatever it ends up being called - if it's wrong, then that's a stuff-up by the third-party Flickr geocoding we use. Or alternatively you can just use the region or "India" as the location and that should work too.

Thanks for adding the detail though. Looks like a cool place to visit ;)

Ahhhh! So frustrated or dumb! Went to edit, entered Khuri etc etc BUT it came up as Khuri Kalan which is an entirely different place and I cannot delete it. Help, when I try to edit it only allows me to add detail not delete existing detail.
In my defence these pics are my first uploads to this site - novice:-(
Will keep playing until cavalry arrives!

Peter 12y

Could you edit the photo details to add this information? That way it will show up in the India featured photo gallery!

Hi Peter,
This photo was taken outside Jaisalmer, India. We were heading out to ride camels into the dunes of the Great Thar Desert at sunset and the 'village' was close to where we stated from. According to my travel diary we headed to the south west for about 45kms and I have recorded it as Khuri. hope this helps.

Peter 12y

Hi vivonthego, nice photo! Can you edit the details and add a location? Would like to know where it is :)

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