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Eivissa ´Que linda!´ by phegg Star this if you like it!

My beautiful friend relaxing and taking in the amazing Ibiza sunset.



phegg 6y

Thanks a lot for explaining Peter.

So great to have one of my photos featured. My photography career starts here!


Peter 6y

Hi Stephanie, we manually feature what we think are the best photos on the site. Since you've now set the location, you'll see it show up in the Featured photo gallery for Spain - it's a few pages back because the photo is from 2007 -

This also means that the photo is up for voting in the Sunrises and Sunsets competition. Only featured photos show up on that voting page:

Hope that clarifies it :)

phegg 6y

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your comment! I´m new at this sort of thing so can you explain to me what you mean by ´featured it´.
I think I´ve done as you said but let me know if not.

Thanks again,


Peter 6y

hi phegg, love this picture. I've featured it. Could you edit the photo and add the location information? This way it will show up in the correct country gallery.

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