Hidden pool at the base of the Bridalveil Falls by Sander 1 Star this if you like it!

Climbing the rocks between the viewing platform and Bridalveil Falls, far above the tourist crowds, and beyond even where most daring teenagers go, one can arrive at a point where you can look down upon the hidden pool at the base of the falls. Rainbows shimmer all around you, and the spray of the water shifts about constantly, showing you an entirely new waterfall every single moment. Truly gorgeous...

Yosemite Village , USA


Sander 13y

Thanks, David!
Bridalveil Falls are pretty close to Yosemite Village, on the road to Glacier Point, just before the Tunnel View. (Of course, all that assumes you're familiar with Yosemite National Park; if you're not: they're pretty accessible. Not as famous as Yosemite Falls themselves, but easily as beautiful.) They have their name because the wind is always strong where they fall, blowing the falling water into 'curtains' of spray, which from a distance somewhat resemble a bride's veil.

Great shot Sander. Not heard of Bridalveil Falls before. Looks stunning.

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