Inscription plates in Foshan neighborhood by findmywuwei Star this if you like it! from before I was born! Comment if you can read what they say and translate for us beginners in Mandarin.

佛山市 , China


from the time these signs were posted, Foshan grew so much. More than 20 years have passed and this street is now a small alley, it's houses are falling apart and only older people live there. Most young people preferred to move to the newer, more modern apartments. I took many photos of the nearly forgotten doors of Civilization Street.

So sweet of you, thank you for translation!

The first line:Civilization Street

The second line:1986
Purification, greening, landscaping
Advanced Street

The third line: (left)1989
Health Advanced Street
(right)Purification, greening, landscaping
Advanced Street

The last line: (left)the Purification, greening, landscaping street constructed together by the army and the people
Health Exemplary Street

P.S. The small prints in these inscription plates are names of the different health units

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