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August 25-29, 2007. Canadair firefighting aircraft in Central Evia, Greece. Wildfires continued to ravage Evia, Peloponnesus and other parts of Greece with 63 people dead, hundreds of houses and thousands of acres burned. After Greece declared a nationwide state of emergency on Saturday, many European Union and Mediterranean countries such as Cyprus, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Israel began sending firefighting aircraft to Greece. Greek firefighters and Army aided by foreign volunteers, fought blazes on the island of Evia and on the Peloponnesian prefectures of Ileia, Arcadia and Messinia. The deadliest forest fires in the past 150 years that have torn through Greece since Friday are believed to have left hundreds of people homeless. Hospitals in fire-affected areas have been providing temporary accommodation to citizens whose homes have been destroyed. Copyright 2007 Jordan Kevrekidis.

Euboea , Greece


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