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Contrasts on the back seat by Chirosima Star this if you like it!

China. I am sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive, a senile woman comes up to the same stop. Immediately she catches my attention. As soon as the bus arrives, she jumps straight in and heads to the middle seat of the back of the bus. Going from bus stop to bus stop, people are changing the atmosphere and creating more and more contrasts as they're coming in and out. When I notice what is happening, I decide not to get off at my stop, but to continue the ride and observe what will happen next. The first contrast emerges as young people encircle the old woman- like young and inexperienced fellow companions around a granny with immeasurable wisdom. After some time, passengers disperse so that those dressed in white end up on the left side of the bus, those dressed in black- on the right. Some sort of battle between light and darkness, good and evil is happening right inside an ordinary bus. The dark side falls a sleep as the bright one observes everything that is happening around them. It seems as though they are ready to absorb everything new, in the quest to understand and experience more, whilst the dark side stays apathetic. As the bus drives on, the light is constantly changing, when it lits different sides of the passengers' faces- opposite to those of the people sitting on the opposite side. It is at this very moment that I decide to capture the image before my eyes. I take my camera and, balancing to the rocky road, reach the middle of the bus. Swaying there with my camera in hands, I notice that the bright side is observing me with great interest, with their opponents still drowning in oblivion. I press the button.

玉溪市 , China


Peter 5y

Hi Chirosima, the location where the photo was taken is good. Really like this shot, so glad to see it's got the information now :)

Should it be location where photo was taken or my residence location?

Thanks, I'll do that :)
But actually I wrote location in location bar where is my location at the moment :)

Peter 5y

Hi Chirosima, great photo! Can you add a location to the photo? Otherwise it won't end up being featured and won't go in the running which would be a shame!

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