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In Hindu religion, Goddess Duga happens to be married to Lord Shiva. Worshiping of Goddess Durga is the largest celebration in the state of West Bengal in India which goes on for 4 days each year. At the end of the 4th day, Goddess Durga is supposed to be returning back. For Hindu women, marks of red powder (Sindoor) on their fore-head resemble that they are married and this is considered to be sacered by the religion. When Goddess Durga returns home after 4 days on Earth, every married woman bid farewell to the Goddess by putting this red powder (Sindoor) on Her forehead, wishing her a long married lifem as they invite her back to Earth next year. This occasion has now become a part of this huge celebration for all. In this photo one finds an American lady dancing with the crowd smeared with the red powder (Sindoor) ... Such is the spirit created during this Celebration .. This photograph was taken by me on 24th October 2012 ...

Bara Bazar Area , India


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