Another Tarsier by Cholerica Star this if you like it! see full size :-)

Panglao , Philippines


Vason 6y

look at those eyes,so cute this monkey.thanks for your sharing.

pau_p1 12y

I think the Philippine Tarsier is a different species of tarsier than those in Indonesia (on Borneo?)...

anyways, a tarsier is a primate... relative to monkeys and humans..

titanunez 12y

Thanks, soo cute picture!

daveh 12y

As the title says - it's a Tarsier. The Philippine Tourist board will tell you they only live on the island of Bohol, but they live in parts of Indonesia too. They are also touted as the worlds smallest primate, but others argue there is a species of lemur that is smaller. God, the things you learn travelling!!

titanunez 12y

What kind the animal it is?

Peter 12y

Cute, very cute!

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