Tall ships on Dublin's River Liffey by pjdscott Star this if you like it!

This is a Tall Ships Festival in Dublin, showing the River Liffey and part of the north city docks. Notice the new buildings as Dublin's expansion continues into the docklands. Ireland's economic development is now slowing (March 2008).

Pembroke West A , Ireland


Noseclump 13y

So wet!! Very smooth, I think. The water looks like you can walk on it, kinda neat. I like how the boats are in front and bigger and the land trails off until it's barely visible anymore. It's a good angle, like a line going off in the distance. The angle of the line may be a bit too high, but it's still pretty neat!! And the clouds...you can see layers in them! Lighter at the top and darker as you go farther down...like a storm that's brewing off in the distance (or will soon). I like it!!

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