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"While there have been a number of other locations suggested as the biblical site of Mount Sinai, also referred to as Mount Horeb, the traditional location is a peak in the central southern Sinai peninsula. This site and the surrounding area are steeped in Biblical tradition. All around Mount Sinai are locations and sites that have been associated with Biblical places named in the Exodus, and there is a long oral tradition of their authenticity. However, there is no proven archaeological evidence that this, or any of the other suggested Irregardless of whether Mount Sinai is the true Holy Mountain fo the Bible, it seems to bring out very intense religious feelings in most of its pilgrimsalternate locations of Mount Sinai, is the actual one referred to in the Bible. Nevertheless, this mountain has drawn pilgrims for over a thousand years in the overwhelming belief that it is the Holy Mountain, and its tradition as the Biblical peak can be directly traced back to the fourth century AD. John Lloyd Stephens said that "Among all the stupendous works of Nature, not a place can be selected more fitting for the exhibition of Almighty power.""

  • 2008


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