5 traditional gigantic Vs 2 tiny modern ones! by kombizz Star this if you like it!

Five traditional gigantic Budgirs (windcatchers) versus two tiny coolair systems! As you would see in my image, there are 4 traditional gigantic Budgirs are erected by genius Persian engineers hundreds years ago. Then if you look closely you would see 2 tiny modern coolair systems on that roof. Unfortunately most of Iranian people who live in hot-arid climate use new modern technology coolair systems instead of using the old traditional Budgirs! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windcatcher The sad story is that majority of Iranian people refuse to use this beautiful traditional Budgir, and then few smart a*** people like Mr William Stranks invent a modern system based on Budgir and name it as "Monodraught"! http://www.monodraught.com/windcatcher/about.php I guess people do NOT appreciate what their ancestors made for them and follow the modern complex technology instead!!


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