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The Kahlil Gibran Park is in front of the UN Building. This guard took me to task for taking pictures in the park which is a public space. He did it in French even though I told him I did not speak French. That bothered me, but I really got mad when I later he was mean to three little girls (all under the age of 5) who were playing in the park. He was shooing them away and yelling at them for being within six feet of the park entrance!! When I left, I decided to act out a bit and after crossing the street and leaving the 'security' area, stood on some public stairs and just watched him. I could tell it was driving him crazy and he finally ran over to another security booth (not his). A few minutes later a friend guy walked by and greeted me in Arabic. When he established my Arabic was limited, he switched to English. He asked if I was waiting for someone and in a friendly manner pointed out that this was a security area. I told him what I had experienced and the abusive manner toward the children playing in a public park and that I knew I was causing the guard concern...and I was enjoying making his blood pressure go up. Maybe, I had an attitude, but come on...The UN (the peacekeepers!) having a guard that was so aggressive seemed WRONG.

  • 20 December 2013

النجمة , Lebanon


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