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TAT’s Discover Thainess is launching a fun and free activity for tourists. Join ‘One &Only’ and compete for the chance to receive a free trip to Thailand. For one month, participants will take part in a series of activities related to one of the Discover Thainess themes: Muay Thai, traditional Thai dancing, Thai cooking, making Thai-style floral garlands, or speaking Thai. They will also travel around the country — all for free. Just team up with a friend and choose an activity you both enjoy from the five Discover Thainess themes. Watch the video samples on the website. Film yourself doing the activity you like, and submit the clip to Discover Thainess. Three teams of finalists will be invited to Thailand for a month to participate in a series of Thainess activities. Plus, they will have an exclusive meeting with Thailand’s boxing star BuakawBanchamek who will instruct participants in the art of Muay Thai. For details, visit


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