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  • 13 March 2016

شفشاون , Morocco


Nice picture, it's the Bousafar Mosque, on the hillside overlooking Chefchaouen, better known as the Spanish Mosque because it was originally built by the Spanish Government and recently restored by Spanish finance after falling into disrepair for over a hundred years. Nobody ever prayed at this mosque because it was built by the hands of "infidels"'s location, a steep climb from Ras el Ma, probably was another discouraging factor for devout Muslims who are expected to pray five times a day, the first call to prayer being at 5 am, not too appealing on a cold dark winter morning in the torrential rainfall which often saturates the Rif mountain region. On a warm sunny day the mosque is a popular venue for small-time local drug dealers smoking and selling their weed to tourists.

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