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Crazy lights skating on a frozen lake. (no special fx, no photoshop, no montage, no multiple frame). One shot, 30 seconds exposure, 4 friends skating with a headlamp. That's it.

Montcalm , Canada


Tahoe 10y

hey that's a good thought. RC plane or helicopter with a light?

Sam I Am 10y

I'm guessing it's planes; no?

Tahoe 10y

I think the camera is essentially sitting directily on the ice. it appears it might be more than one exposure of the same frame - multiple lead-ins to the start of light streams. my best guess is an led-style flashlight and skating around with the last part of the image (multiple timed exposure) at the far end of line where you might maek out the skater? but really just a guess?

Stunning! But I wish you would explain, from a natural phenomenon perspective, what we're seeing. YOU are skating on the lake, observing this magical image? And the image?


clearStat 10y

was there a meteor shower? it does look quite magical..

Hien 10y


Daver141 10y

Ok, I am game, how did you take it?

Sam I Am 10y

Wow, truly an amazing shot!

why it happen?
Congratulation, great picture

Utrecht 10y

I noticed this one immediately....and I have to agree with Peter: this is one of the most extraordinary but fantastic photos I have ever seen. You got my vote!

Peter 10y

All I can say is Wow!! That's an awesome shot!

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