Château and gardens at Villandry by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

I fell in love with Villandry over 20 years ago and keep returning. They replant the garden every year and have different activities so there is always something different. There are ongoing renovations and upgrades to the château also and it's fun to keep up with them. Our latest visit was 2017 and they were having a Fall Harvest Festival. We discovered at the end of the day, they simply give away the leftover vegetables that haven't sold. Impressive. It was incredibly friendly and would be a great family activity. I know people say to visit the gardens and skip the Château but that would be a mistake. Not only is the château beautifully furnished, but you get great views of the gardens from the windows and if you climb the medieval tower, there is a magnificent view from the top.

Villandry , France


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